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Answered By: Amanda Peach
Last Updated: Aug 27, 2015     Views: 668

Network printers must be setup on your computer prior to use. For students, Follow Me Black & White and Follow Me Color are the two types of printers that are set up for student use on campus. These are the ones you should choose from the list of printers.


1. Open your “Start” menu
2. Select “Run”
3. Type \\print-nt1 and press Enter or click OK.
4. Double click on the printer of your choice
5. A window will pop up showing the printer that you selected at the top and a list of items currently waiting to be printed.
6. If you wish for this printer to be your default printer, select “Set as Default Printer” from the Printer menu.
7. Close the printer window.

Comments (3)

  1. Small clarification: for this to work you need to type a double backslash:

    by CAJ on Aug 25, 2015
  2. This is almost perfect except that one must enter "\\print-nt1" (minus quotations)

    *2 backwards slashes not 1
    by Leonardo Crowley on Aug 27, 2015
  3. Thanks for bringing the error to our attention! I fixed it today.
    by Amanda Peach on Aug 27, 2015