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Call numbers are how we categorize books here at Hutchins Library. Different call numbers represent different types and subjects of books.
If you are browsing through the collection, you will notice that each book has either a sticker with a number or simply a number on the books spine. This is the call number.
If you have the title of the book and would like to know what its call number is, you can do a BANC search. BANC is Hutchins Library's online catalog and it contains all books, eBooks, DVDs, CDs, and VHS that the library owns. Remember, do not type "The, A, o An" if it is at the beginning of the title.
If you have the exact title, make sure that you signify that you are typing the title. This will take you to a page of information about your book: the title, the author, the publisher and the date it was publish. It will also have the call number for the book.