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Answered By: Amanda Peach
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2014     Views: 142

eBooks can be downloaded and read using an Apple iPad using the Bluefire reading app available for free from iTunes.

Please note: These steps do not currently work with Apple devices with smaller screens such as the iPhone and iPod Touch AND Your device must be running iOS 3.2 or higher.

You will need the following:

  • Bluefire Reading App (Installed on your device)
  • An Adobe Digital Editions ID

To Install Bluefire Reading App:

Install the Bluefire Reader Version 1.2 onto your device. Bluefire is available for free from iTunes at the following link:

Bluefire Reader via iTunes

To Create an Adobe ID:

Create an Adobe Digital Editions ID at the following link:

Note: Before downloading an eBook, you must authorize the Bluefire app with your Adobe ID.

To Checkout and Download an eBook:

Next, use the Safari browser on your iPad to access eBooks on EBSCOhost and locate an eBook you would like to download to the device.

To download an eBook:

  1. Click the Download (Offline) link for the eBook you would like to download.

    If you are not logged into your My EBSCOhost folder, you will be prompted to do so.

  2. Select a Checkout period from the drop-down menu and click the Checkout & Download button.

    The eBook will be added to the Checkouts area of the folder.

  3. When prompted, tap to open the eBook with the Bluefire app.

    The Bluefire app opens and begins downloading the book.

  4. After the eBook is finished downloading, select Read Later or Read Now to open your eBook and begin reading.