Answered By: Angel Rivera
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A good resource will be Lexis-Nexis. Run a news search on your figure. If you type the name in quotes (for example, "Hiroyuki Hosoda") you get articles mentioning the person. Lexis picks up international news sources, including The Japan Times. Once you get a search, you can sort it (left column) by news source, so you could, for example, see just the articles mentioning the person in The Japan Times.

Asia and Japanese News Watch is a good news source too. It does have an English page. Direct link is

You can find the Japanese Diet online. The Diet is bicameral:

This is their House of Representatives (this is the lower house):

This is their House of Councillors (this is the upper house):

Sometimes, a political party may have a web page, that is also a possible source of information. A Google search can reveal this page.