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Answered By: Angel Rivera
Last Updated: Dec 19, 2014     Views: 72

For this topic, you can go a few routes. You can look at famous leaders and literature in leadership. Books on leadership by prominent people often talk about overcoming some kind of fear, such as the fear of being marginalized, ostracized, being a radical or maverick, so on.

You can look through the lens of religion, for instance, in Christianity, the history of martyrs.

You could look at a historical period, like the American Civil Rights Movement.

Some keywords:

professional standards

You can use some of these resources:

Gale Virtual Reference: look up a topic to get some ideas and/or names of people. For example, a figure from the Civil Rights Era I could choose is Congressman John Lewis.

Biography in Context: Great database for biography. Using the John Lewis example, it gives me a biographical sketch and a broad range of articles in reference, journalism, and academic pieces. Use this once you get a name (preferably someone fairly contemporary) from a reference source.

Academic Search Premier to do article searches.